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Interesting reports about diving

Interesting reports about diving, equipment and dive sites as well as comments and critical notes to current events!

Author: Petra & Jürgen Lieser – Dive Videos

19. July 2015

Tropical coral reefs for your medical practice

Fish videos for your medical practice TV
Colorful fish videos of tropical coral reefs offer the opportunity to entertain your patients and you will be amazed, how relaxed your patients in future. 

Entertain your patients in your medical practice!

Author: Petra & Jürgen Lieser – Dive Videos

19. July 2015

Relaxing background music

Relaxing background music
Would you like your underwater videos with relaxing background music? Select the music, we integrate the music of your choice into your dive-video.

Please let us know! It´s your choice!

Author: Petra & Jürgen Lieser – Dive Videos

27. January 2013

Hope dies last!

And the winner is: Dive-Videos
With our modified video clip "Fantastic reefs for waiting rooms" we participated in a video competition of the dive magazine "Unterwasser" (Underwater)

Watch this fantastic video here and find out the rating!

Author: Petra & Jürgen Lieser – Dive Videos

03. June 2012

HD Dive-Videos for your waiting-room

Precisely the entertainment of an aquarium takes the children afraid of the doctor visit and most of patients comes relaxed to the surgery, as the waiting time is perceived as much shorter.

Read more about presentation our dive videos in your waiting room TV!

Special offer: Petra & Jürgen Lieser – Dive Videos

12. January 2012

Kompaktes Lichtwunder Light & Motion Sola 1200

I never thought that this tiny and compact video light offers such performance and I am really happy about the new acquisition. The fitness for travel and all other advantages of the Sola 1200 confirmed my decision and I am more than happy with the new lighting system, which will hopefully delight me for a long time.

Read our detailed and rich illustrated review of the Sola 1200 Video!

Author: Petra & Jürgen Lieser – Dive Videos

03. May 2011

The coral triangle of Indonesia

Why could develop so many different species in Indonesia?
What was the effect of the continental drift and the shift of the tectonic plates, which coincide right in the center of the coral triangle? And has the ice age also contributed to this biodiversity?

And what are the threats to the reef especially in this sensitive habitat?

Author: Petra & Jürgen Lieser – Dive Videos

09. March 2011

Raja Ampat - Misool/Batbitim

Here we present our TOP 5 dive sites of Indonesia. From Maratua Atoll in front of Kalimantan to the National Park of Bunaken and the bizarre Lembeh Strait in the northeast of Sulawesi, to the fantastic reefs around Flores and also the best dive sites of the world in Raja Ampat/West Papua.

Here are our impressions of this fantastic dive sites.

Author: Petra & Jürgen Lieser  – Dive Videos

23. February 2011

intact reef

In the night of 02. March 2011 the cyclone YASI hits the northeast coast of Australia. Most affected was the coastal area between the towns of Townsville and Cairns on a coastline of 240 kilometres, just where the Great Barrier Reef is very closed to the coast.

Is the sensitive ecosystem of the Great Barrier Reef threatened?

Author: Petra & Jürgen Lieser  – Dive Videos

05. February 2011

Light & Motion Stingray G2+

The decision to buy new underwater video equipment was really not easy. Therefore we informed us about the features in detail and compared some eligible housings and lighting systems in price and performance.

Read our detailed and rich illustrated review
, and why we chose the Light & Motion Stingray G2+.

Author: Petra & Jürgen Lieser  – Dive Videos

15. January 2011

Image source: © Klaus Jost - www.jostimages.com

With the launch of our new website, we took the opportunity to protect the endangered sharks. 15% of sales will be donated to the organization SharkProject. It is estimated that worldwide totally about 200 million sharks are killed by human being.That’s more than 500,000 sharks per day, six animals per second.

Read more about the cruel shark finning!

Author: Petra & Jürgen Lieser – Dive Videos

10. January 2011



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