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Fish Videos for your waiting room TV

Tropical coral reefs for your medical practice TV

We offer colorful fish videos of tropical reefs for your doctors waiting room TV!

Choose from already mixed underwater videos. We also be pleased to cut royalty-free Dive Videos complying with your request.

Waiting room TV - Relaxing entertainment for your patients

Colorful fish videos of tropical coral reefs offer the opportunity to entertain your patients and you will be amazed, how relaxed your patients in future. 

The shown underwater video: Special mix with popular motifs Fantastic reefs of Indonesia

Music: "SamudraVisions" from Tim de Haan
with kindly support of www.samudravisions.com (License CC BY-ND 3.0)

Of course, the choice of motifs is up to you! Choose the fish video for your waiting room!

Here is a small selection of fish videos for your waiting room TV


Special offer for a single-use license in your practice

If the videos will published in a single waiting room, we offer an inexpensive and unlimited single user license for your waiting room TV.

Information about the types of licenses can be found here!

Relaxing background music! It´s your choice!

By using our editing service we offer free integration of music from SamundaVisions or ZeroProject. Select the music, we integrate the music of your choice into your dive-video.

For licensing reasons we have to display briefly the origin of the music at the end of the video. It´s not allowed to remove this short reference.


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