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Light & Motion Sola 1200 Video: Image gallery

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The scope of delivery of the Sola 1200 Video
Scope of delivery
Size-comparison to 2,5" HDD
Comparison to 2,5" HDD
Size-comparison to E27 standard bulb
Comparison to E27 bulb
Extremely compact and nice finish
Extremely compact
Non-contact magnetic switch of the Sola 1200
The magnetic switch
9 high-power LED for fantastic performance
9 high-power LED
Spring of the magnetic-switch
Spring of the switch
Removable adapter
Removable adapter
Charger is protected against polarity reversal
Charging of internal akku
Fit for travel; including backpack less than 9 kg
Fit for travel < 9 kg
Complete system: Light & Motion Stingray G2+ with 2x Sola 1200
Complete system
2 weights, each of them with 100 grams for optimal floating position
2 weights for housing
Illumination in Flood-Mode
Illumination in Flood-Mode
Illumination in Spot-Mode 17°
Illumination in Spot-Mode
Without manual white balance by artificial light
Without man. white balance
With manual white balance by artificial light
With man. white balance


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