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Light & Motion Sola 1200 Video: Presentation


As described in my review of the Sunray 600 LED light system, I was very impressed on the performance and size of these lights. Although a diver never get enough light for video or photo, I have ogled with the Sunray 1200 LED.

Since this lighting system is no longer manufactured and was replaced by the small Sola 1200, I decided to upgrade to two Light & Motion Sola 1200 Video lights.

Read in the following review my impressions of the new purchase and you will understand why I’m more than happy with this upgrade.

The scope of delivery

  • Sola 1200 Video: The scope of delivery
  • Comparison to external 2,5" HDD

The mere size of the box gives an idea of ​​what to expect when unpacking.

This is emphasized and nice placed in scene by the printed photos with the coconut shell, so you catch yourself to find similar motifs to compare the size of these small lights, but this will be hardly succeeding.

In the box there is a small pouch, as if you order instead of a dive light a small external 2.5" hard drive.

It includes the Sola 1200 and a small plug-in charger, which earned the award "fit for travel" first time. The equipment still include a 5/32" Allen wrench to change the mounting adapter.

Finish and technology

  • Comparison with a bulb
  • 9 high-power LED of the Sola 1200

Keeping the video light first time in hands, it is amazing despite all the expectations about the small size. The Sola 1200 is just as big as a standard bulb with E27 socket and offers high performance.

The Sola 1200 consist of a robust and pressure-resistant plastic housing without seams, the front glass is framed with a large aluminium ring. Overall, the workmanship looks professional; the whole lamp gives a strong and almost massive impression. The diameter of this little light is only 56mm, the length 103mm.

The lamp is completely sealed and not to open, the lithium ion battery is fixed integral. This reduces the maintenance only to the rinse in fresh water, maintenance of O-rings is eliminated and flooding of the housing is impossible by incorrectly installed or damaged O-rings.

As light source serves 9 high-power LED, six of them are arranged in a ring to work in flood-mode. The inner three LED are used for spot-mode.

The operation

  • Non-contact magnetic switch
  • Spring force of the switch
  • Connector for flex arms

On the top of the housing is a non-contact magnetic switch that is held by spring force in the center position.

The operation is very simple! Pressing the switch forward or backward, the light switched on. From this basic position, you can choose 3 levels by pushing the switch forward.

The sequence is always the same and changes of 300 over 600 to 1200 lumens, the next activity starts again at 300 lumens. The adjusted lighting power is indicated by three LED that indicate also the battery status depending on the colour of the LED.

If you move the switch back, the light changes in the spot mode. Again you can choose the output levels by pressing the switch forward. It is worth mentioning that the selected power level is stored after changing the operating mode, if you don’t switch off the lamp.

By pressing the switch for two seconds in any direction the Sola switched off.

As the slider is very smooth, you can avoid accidental starting of the lamp by locking the switch. To this end, turn the knob in the center position by 90 degrees.


Protected charging against polarity reversal

The included plug-in charger is really tiny in comparison with the charger of the Sunray and has earned the award "fit for travel" first time. By input voltage of 110-240 volts you can use the charger worldwide, output voltage is 8.4 volts DC at 1.0 A. The connector of the charger to the gold contact on the back of the Sola is protected against polarity reversal. Charging is completed no later than after 150 minutes and shows the charge status by running LED lights in the appropriate colour.

Other information

Thermal protection and self deactivation:

As even high-power LEDs can emit heat, the electronics has a thermal protection to prevent damage. In this case the lighting power switches one step lower.

Similarly, the electronics provides also protection from harmful discharge and switch off the lights. This will be signalled timely by flashing red LED.

Light systems in airplanes:

As everyone knows, dive lights have to transport in hand luggage, the battery is to remove. Despite locking the switch, it could be cause trouble at the check-in by ignorant inspectors. To prevent this, Light & Motion provides a certificate for download, in which the safety standard for air travel is confirmed in accordance with ICAO and IATA.

The Sola 1200 Dive:

I should also mention that the Sola is also available as Sola 1200 Dive.  It differs only by the colour and the light comes with the wrist strap.

Technical data

Specification of the Sola 1200 Video:

  • Dive lights system with 9 high-power LED
  • Switchable between flood and spot light
  • Max brightness 1200 lumens (flood), 500 lumens (spot)
  • Dimmable to ½ or ¼ power
  • Operation time: 70 / 140 / 280 minutes
  • Colour temperature: 6500 Kelvin corresponds to daylight
  • Angle of illumination in water: > 60 ° flood, about 17° spot
  • Size: diameter 56mm, length 103mm
  • Material: plastic and aluminium
  • Weight: 268 grams includes connector
  • Volume: 170 ml
  • Buoyancy: about 95 grams negative in salt water
  • Maximum depth: 90 meters
  • Internal, non-removable Lithium-ion battery, 7.4 Volt, 2200 mAh
  • LED indicators:

  • Levels: 1 LED: ¼ power, 2 LEDs: ½ power, 3 LEDs: full power
  • Battery capacity: Green: 100-75%, yellow 75-50%, red 50-25%, red flashing <25%
  • Battery charger:

  • Input voltage: 110 - 240 Volt
  • Output voltage: 8.4 volts DC at 1.0 A
  • Max charge time: 150 minutes
  • Charge status via LED running light (red <50%, yellow 50-75%, green >75%)
  • Charge completed: permanent green LEDs
  • Weight: 69 grams


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