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Review of Light & Motion Stingray Housing & Sunray 600 LED

Update: 29. August 2010

Introduction / the set / the camera

  • Considerations to buy new equipment
  • The set in indestructible Pelican 1520
  • Decision for Sony HDR-CX550

Light & Motion Stingray G2+ presentation

  • Innovative infrared control
  • Filter system with magnetic mount
  • The monitor and his features
  • Technical data

Light & Motion Stingray G2+ practical test

  • Preparation of equipment
  • Floating position and buoyancy
  • The menu handles
  • The manual white balance
  • Refraction contra wide-angle
  • Distortion in the wide-angle range
  • Wetmate 65° presentation
  • Macro shots with and without a Diopter

Light & Motion Sunray 600 LED presentation

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Infrared control via the menu handles
  • Self-protection system
  • Technical data

Light & Motion Sunray 600 LED practical test

  • First impressions
  • Comparsion to halogen onshore
  • Comparsion to halogen under water
  • White balance by artificial light?
  • Interference

Useful tips and conclusion

  • Self made handle and other tips
  • Data check and backup
  • Plus / Minus
  • Conclusion


  • All images in the summary


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Light & Motion Stingray G2+ Review

Innovative, light and compact!
Read here our extensive review to
the Light & Motion Stingray G2+!