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Light & Motion: Introduction / The set / The camera

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I have translated this review in good faithSince my English is insufficient, I would be grateful for any help and corrections from people whose native language is English. Thank you very much!


Because my old video equipment was getting on in years and was also outdated in the rapidly growing market of digital videography, I wanted to buy a new one. I had already informed myself in detail about the current models and decided to buy the Sony HDR-CX550. This compact camera offers among other features a fantastic wide angle range, which really deserves this name.

Light & Motion Stingray housing G2+

On our dive trips I already noticed the housing of Light & Motion. Its compactness and usability was very impressive, the housing looks very good and professional. I informed myself in detail about the new model Stingray G2+ with one-touch white balance and I decided to buy the Sport 600 kit including the LED Sunray light system, with significant price advantage compared to the individual purchase of all components.

Since the equipment of Light & Motion is comparatively expensive, my expectation was very high. This test will show whether the system will met my expectation.

Light & Motion Set

Light & Motion 600 Set

The complete kit is delivered in a Pelican Case 1520, uncontroversial in quality. Water resistance, buoyancy includes the complete equipment, fitness for travel in the tropics and extreme impact strength are, in addition to the automatic pressure equalization valve, some features of this robust suitcase. Its size (about 49x39x18, 5 cm) fulfils the guidelines of hand luggage for air travel, but the total weight of the set with 10 kg (22 lbs) lies above the limit of the IATA-guideline. My old equipment weighted also 10kg (22 lbs) and I never had problems at check in. And if you hold the suitcase in your hand or the backpack on your shoulder in a relaxed manner, with a smile on your face, no one will consider the seemingly stupid idea to check the real weight.

The complete equipment is extremely protected by three special foam inserts at three levels. Even small items such as O-rings have their own compartment. Not self-evident: in addition to a sufficient amount of silicone grease a complete set of replacement O-ring are included.

Camera Sony HDR-CX550

Sony HDR-CX550

The Sony HDR-CX550 has an internal 64 GB memory with a capacity of 360 minutes by using the highest quality HD-FX. As it is insensitive to shock, I think this version is much better than cameras with built-in hard drive.

The decisive factor in my decision was mainly the large wide-angle range, compared to 35mm cameras the equivalent of a 29mm wide angle range. In addition to the excellent macro features the HDR-CX550 is equipped with an excellent image stabilizer, a decisive advantage particularly under water. Why Sony supplies this camera only with the small accu NP-FV50 (1030 mA), is absolutely incomprehensible if one considers the high price. In order to use the camera without change of battery a full day with max. 4 dives, I decided to buy 2 more accus NP-FV70 (2060 mA) with a runtime of 150 minutes in practical use. Therefore I have to change the battery only one time per day in the evening. The stated runtime of 240 minutes is not realizable in practice. The weight of HD-CX550 including the  accu NP-FV70 is 540 gram (1.19 lb)

For best results I’ve set the recording format on HD-FX. The processing of the original *.mts files is by using of modern and powerful computer systems no problem and runs smoothly, even on multiple video tracks with the involvement of effects.


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