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Light & Motion Stingray: Presentation

The housing Stingray G2+ Premium

The complete set implies the housing Stingray G2 + Premium, equipped with the left menu handle, flat port to fit interchangeable lenses and a built-in red filter.

  • Light & Motion Stingray housing G2+
  • Light & Motion inside

The semi-universal housing G2+ is manufactured in seawater resistant aluminium with stiffening ribs. At first glance it looks very good, the housing is really compact and light.  This is affirmed if you have a look inside. Given the fact that the housing can accommodate many different camera models, the inside volume of air is reduced to a minimum.

The buoyancy of the operable housing is absolutely neutral in fresh water. The interior of the housing seems very simple and shows its true face after the second glance.

Stingray menu handle with infrared control

All functions of both removable menu-handles are passed wireless via infrared transmitter to the inside prisms and to the receivers in the monitor back.
For this reason both handles are equipped with lithium batteries 1/3N, which the user can change easily by himself. In order to be on the safe side in remote dive-sites and small islands, I will purchase the repair kit, consisting of batteries and O-rings.

Both handles are mounted with large union nuts and secured against rotation. They can be removed within seconds by using the provided tool. Due to the infrared electronic control there are no mechanical bushings into the housing. Only the filter lever is operated mechanically, which pivots the internal red filter in front of the camera lens.

The interchangeable filters are held with their mounting arm only by a strong magnet in the filter holder. A simple and likewise ingenious design, another filter or the macro diopter can be installed easily and fast.

  • Light & Motion red filter & macro diopter
  • Stingray red filter inside
  • Light & Motion Stingray G2+ red filter
  • Light & Motion Stingray G2+ macro diopter

The camera itself is mounted on a slide-in tray and pushed through guide slots in the housing until it clicks into place. The only electronic connection is made using the tray by locking the rear monitor back.

A change of the battery is no longer possible in case of a mounted HDR-CX550 which is a tribute to the variety of camcorders with different dimensions. However, charging the mounted camera is no problem.

Light & Motion Stingray front

The flat port and the monitor back panel are sealed with double O-rings and they are secured by lock to prevent accidental opening.

The innovative locking latches on the back are also very easy to use and enjoyable for women's hands. The days of broken finger nails are a thing of the past.

  • Light & Motion Stingray monitor
  • Light & Motion Stingray electronic

The power supply for the 2.7" screen with 16:9 aspect ratio is ensured by four NiMH rechargeable batteries, which should possess a capacity not less than 2400 mA. In order to reach the stated 8 hours run time of the monitor, I bought batteries by Ansmann with 2850 mA. The monitor itself can be adjusted in brightness, contrast and colour balance. An optional lens hood can be attached. Very useful is the battery indicator on the back with low battery warning in two steps. Also a moisture alarm is integrated, which warns optical as well as acoustically. The moisture sensor is mounted below the camera tray and therefore ideal positioned at the absolute lowest point in the housing.

Impressive are the two battery pods, which are easily attached in guideways on either side of the housing and also the quick release of both handles.

Unfortunately the Stingray G2 + provides no underwater microphone. It would be desirable if Light & Motion offered at least the option for a microphone by a dummy plug. It would be a tragedy, if I meet a humpback whale without microphone in my housing.

On the top of the housing there are two ports with tapped holes in order to connect accessories as well as a third light by quick locks. (example Light & Motion Sola 600)

Technical data

Specifications of Stingray G2+

  • Material: seawater resistant aluminium with stiffening ribs
  • Planport: secured Bayonet,  optional interchangeable lens
  • Weight: 3200 gram (7.05 lbs) ashore
  • Ready for operation including camera 3740 gram (8.25 lbs)
  • Buoyancy: absolutely neutral in sweet water (with HDR-CX550)
  • Buoyancy: 70 gram (0.15 lbs) negative in sweet water (with HDR-XR550)
  • Dimensions of housing including planport:  9.8 x 5.6 x 5.1 inch
  • Width including handles: 11 inch
  • Maximum depth: 96 m 

Camera controls:

Right handle:

  • Record on/off
  • Zoom in/out
  • One touch manual white balance
  • Toggle autofocus / manual focus

Left handle:

  • Photo (also during video)
  • Control of camera menu: enter, up, down, right, left
  • Control for lights: on/off (only for Light & Motion lights)
  • Control for light intensity in 3 steps (only for Light & Motion lights)

Monitor back:

  • 2.7" screen with 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Original Sony display from model HC-9
  • Resolution: 211200 pixel
  • Adjustable brightness, contrast and colour balance
  • Main switch: on/off
  • Mode toggle: video/photo/playback
  • Moisture alarm and battery indicator


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