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Light & Motion Sunray 600 LED: Presentation

Light system Sunray LED 600:

  • Light & Motion Sunray 600 LED
  • bright and compact LED head

The lightweight Sunray LED 600 looks incredibly compact. The lamp heads only have a diameter of 69mm and a max. depth of 38mm. The cable is firmly connected to the battery tanks, which can be easily attached in guideways on either side of the bottom side of the housing. The “Podlocker” prevents both battery tanks from slipping out. The “Podlocker” is a small plate with screw, which wedged the tanks to the housing. Affection to detail: Even the end of the screw is plastic coated to protect the housing from damage.

Outstanding features are the extreme compactness and the shape of both battery tanks, which are wonderfully integrated in the shape of the housing. The total height of the system increases only for 30 mm. This will prove to be very favourable in practice, current dives will not be essentially affected by mounted light system.

  • Light & Motion Sunray comparison of battery-size
  • Light & Motion Sunray comparison of lamp head

The advantage of the compact design become particularly apparent in comparison to my old system MB-Sub Light Station with 2 x 50 Watt HLX and a weight of 3.500 grams. The powerful battery of the MB-Sub with cells 16.8 V/4.8 Ah are large and heavy, necessary to operate the halogen lights.

Whether the small Sunray 600 will assert to my old HLX, a comparison will show in the following chapter.

  • easy removal of slimly batteries
  • streamlined and compact battery tanks of Sunray 600 LED

Since both battery tanks are firmly connected to the LED heads, you have to remove the batteries out of the tanks for air travel. However, the batteries are built very slim and you will find a place in your luggage.
The lighting system can be switched on and dimmed in three steps through pushing the buttons on the battery tanks. Much more useful is the control by the buttons on the left menu-handle of the housing, the control buttons "menu down" and "menu right" are used twice. Through prolonged pressure on these two buttons, the Sunray is turned on and off and also dimmed. The infrared signals are also transmitted through prisms to the tank sensors.

Light & Motion: quickly adjustable flex arms

The delivery also includes two flexible arms which can be bent to at least 180° to a semi-circle. They are quickly adjustable to any shooting situation. The bayonet quick release connection to the handles is very easy to use, possible also with one hand in few seconds.

Charging of the battery with the supplied charger needs  2.5 hours. It would be desirable to get two chargers, so that both batteries can be charged simultaneously. These modern batteries have only a very low self-discharge and can be loaded in each state. The days where NiMH batteries unloaded themselves within 2 months are definitely gone.

Both battery packs show their status by a slowly blinking LED. If the LED blinks rapidly, the self-deactivation of the lights will be imminent, the light power is dimmed automatically to the lowest level. As even high-power LEDs can emit heat, the electronics has a thermal protection to prevent damage. A reasonable measure, especially in the use of the extremely bright Sunray 2000X.

Technical data

Specifications of Sunray LED 600

  • Two 600 lumen light heads
  • Colour: 6500 Kelvin, daylight
  • LED: 6 high-power-LEDs of each head, durability >20000 hours
  • Dimming: in three steps  (100/200/350 minutes)
  • Batteries: 6-cells 7,2V NiMH, fast rechargeable
  • Weight: ready for operation including flex arms 1890 gram (4.15 lbs)
  • Weight in sweet water 860 gram (1.9 lbs) including flex arms
  • Dimensions of LED-head:  diameter 2.7 / 1.5 inch height
  • Battery tank: 7.9 x 2.4 x max. 1.5 inch
  • max. depth: 96 meter


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