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We guarantee that 15% of sales will be donated to the organization SharkProject.org, the first marine conservation organization, which got the German DZI certificate. Dive-Videos helps to protect the Sharks! Upon request, customers get an evidence of the performed donation payment.

Shark fin soup

Shark fin soup is seen as delicacy in many places, although it is only a tasteless broth from boiled soft cartilage with some vegetables and chicken broth. The "gourmets" in the fancy restaurants don’t be discouraged and pay 100 USD and more for one plate of soup.
Obviously, for new riche and people who consider themselves as such, it is a status symbol for richness to take part of the extinction of sharks in that macabre way.

In order to satisfy only this perverse desire, experts estimated around 100 million sharks per year slaughtered cruelly for her fins.

The fishermen cut off the fins of alive animals and throw the sharks back into the sea, where they sink to the seabed and die painfully after hours. Humans are really bad!

Shark massacre

In addition to all of that, by "heroic" sport fishermen thousands of sharks are killed daily. They throw the dead sharks back into the sea after only one picture for souvenir.

Because more than 70 percent of the fish population is already overfished, more and more fishing fleets are specialized to hunt the sharks. They tow 100 km long lines through the sea, each of them with thousands of hooks.

Nowadays shark finning is prohibited in the European Union. Since it is precisely welcome, that the demand for the previously spurned shark meat increased. So they take the whole sharks and cut the fins in the harbour. Now this is legal and they export the fins like before.

And obviously, the European fleets even try to forge ahead in hunting the sharks. And because the profit isn’t sufficient anymore this will even be supported by subsidies from the European Union. Simply unbelievable!

It is foreseeable that most of the 400 species of sharks will become extinct in near future. Many of them already have no chance anymore!

It is estimated that worldwide totally about 200 million sharks are killed by human being. That’s more than 500,000 sharks per day, six animals per second.

Since you have opened this page, additional 1 sharks died cruelly.

Everyone can help! We have to act NOW!


For more information about shark protection and their threat by human being, please visit the website SharkProject.org
The organisation would be very pleased about your help, either as a donation or your active support


Visit also the informative website of Stop-Finning.com where you will find many opportunities to protect this beautiful animals.

Finally, we would still call for donations to support suffering children. With only a few euros a year you can move very much. We ourselves have decided some years ago to help with a sponsorship by World Vision our godchild and his village of Sumba in Indonesia.

Image sources: © Klaus Jost - www.jostimages.com



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