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Our TOP 5 dive-sites of Indonesia

Indonesia is spread on 17500 islands with a total area of about 1.9 million square km. It exist certainly many places that are still completely unknown, who are much better than our Top 5 dive-sites.

However, since we can rate only the places we have visited, here are our impressions:

Misool Eco Resort of Batbitim, Misool

Raja Ampat is an archipelago of about 1,500 islands in the west of Papua New Guinea and part of Indonesia.

The diversity of species in the sea of Raja Ampat is just incredible, surpassing anything previously known.

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Pulau Kanawa in front of Labuhan Bajo

Flores and the small islands around Komodo are counted to the small Sunda Islands in the south-eastern part of Indonesia.

Most of the reefs around Labuhan Bajo and Komodo are in fantastic condition.

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Nabucco Island Resort at the channel of the Maratua-Atoll

The beautiful Maratua Atoll is located about 60 kilometres eastern of Kalimantan in the Celebes Sea.

For divers, the isolated location is really fantastic. The reefs of Maratua are in excellent condition.

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Lembeh-Strait in the north-east of Sulawesi

The Lembeh-Strait is in the north-east of Sulawesi and is a 15 km long and 2 km wide Strait between Sulawesi and the island of Pulau Lembeh.

It´s still a fantastic area with the best dive sites for macro fans and photographers.

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Bunaken National Park in the north-east of Sulawesi

The Bunaken National Park with an area of 750 square kilometres is located in front of Manado, capital of the province Utara in the north-east of Sulawesi.

There are over 600 different coral species and more than 3,000 fish species.

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