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Our TOP 5 dive-sites – Flores & Komodo

Flores and Komodo - unique habitat and strong current

Labuhan Bajo in Flores

Flores and the small islands around Komodo are counted to the small Sunda Islands in the eastern part of the chain of islands from Sumatra to Timor.

The journey to West Flores is very simple, there are regular flights from Denpasar/Bali to Labuhan Bajo. Around Labuhan Bajo some dive-resorts have established in the last years, rooms and simply bungalows are available for small money. Also possible are relaxed days on small Robinson-Islands in very simply bungalows with fantastic white beaches.

The best time to visit Flores are the months after the rainy season, because all the islands still covered with green. Especially in this time the islands looks very nice with their individual Lontar-palm trees. Don’t miss to visit the giant lizards on the island of Komodo or Rinca.

  • Wonderful Harleqiun-Shrimps
  • Purple anemone

Most of the reefs around Labuhan Bajo and Komodo are in fantastic condition. You can find a great diversity of species in beautiful reefs, from small Pygmy seahorse to the giant manta ray.

The biodiversity is really incredible. It seems that everything here is significantly larger than in other seas, probably due to the strong currents, which accelerate the growth of all species.

Depending on the tide there is a considerable difference in sea level between the northern Flores-Sea and southern Savu-Sea. The exchange of water is only possible in the straits between the islands and produced some extreme currents, which can be dangerous.

Something negative is the sometimes long distance to the dive sites by boat.

The best sunsets of the world

Here in Labuhan Bajo, we have seen the most beautiful sunsets, of which you simply can not get enough. Really fantastic and every evening like the shown picture.

You can enjoy a tasty dinner in the restaurant on the hill and you have the best view of the red-coloured bay with the islands in front of Labuhan Bajo.

If you like our impression TOP 5 dive sites of Indonesia, you can download them here as PDF format.




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