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Video competition May 2012: "Hope dies last"!

And the winner is: Dive-Videos

With our video clip "Fantastic reefs for waiting rooms" we participated in a video competition of the dive magazine "Unterwasser" (Underwater)

We have shortened the video to 6 minutes according to the terms and got with kind support of Media Sound Art very beautiful music of LARGO from the album Celtic Dreams to enchant the viewer. The introduction and the information in the end of the video evince the problems of destruction of our coral reefs and ask whether there is still hope for our endangered reefs.

This video with the title "Hope dies last" was rated as the best video for the month of May 2012.

The statement of the jury:

Quotation: And of course, the list of pluses is long for the winner video. Beautiful pictures in great quality are combined with appropriate and nice music, the motifs are a good mix of different views, such as long shot, medium shot, and close-ups, and the camera work is quiet. And the most important point is present: This video has a message, preceded by the intro, and taken up again at the end of the clip.

To summarize: It’s a pleasure to watch this video. The best one this month!"

Media Sound Art

"Celtic Dreams" from LARGO
with kindly support of Media Sound Art. Thank you very much!

This video is in the shown editing not for sale!



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