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Here are some examples about using our Dive Videos

Your info-screen is being ignored?

You mediate only boring information?

Design your info-screen as eye-catcher!

Surprise your customers with scenes from a fantastic habitat of tropical fishes. By including our colourful Dive Videos between your commercials you will captivate your customers to the screen.

Your advertising partners will be grateful!



Big screens in city centres and airports

The use of our Dive Videos on the giant info-screen in Frankfurt at "Konstablerwache" has shown, that many passing people stopped and endure even the advertising, because they look forward to the next scene of colourful Dive Videos.

In that way advertising will be popular!

Fairs and exhibitions

Our Dive Videos have already been successful used at exhibition stands. It’s even secondary, if the videos don’t match to the offered product. The decisive factor is the increase of customers, which are attracted by tropical Dive Videos to your stand.

Make your booth to a real magnet for visitors!

Doctor's practice and waiting-rooms

Your patients are nervous? 
 Show your own current information about your practice combined with colourful images of tropical reefs and you will be amazed, how relaxed your patients are in future.

Find out about our special offer for medical practice!

The range of application is multifaceted

For example, our videos are also used to entertain members of fitness centres as well as waiting customers in the checkout area of shopping malls.

Are your customers relaxed? Decide for yourself!


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