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Why are the Dive Videos not displayed on my computer?

To display the flash videos in your browser, you need an additional module which is installed on most systems. If the Dive Videos don’t run, you should install the module Adobe Flash Player onto your browser.

Why do the videos flicker on my computer?

Modern systems should be able to play the videos without problems. The Dive Videos will start after buffering the files. The smooth playback depends on your PC configuration and the speed of your connection.

Are there any additionally further costs?

DIVE VIDEOS as author of all offered videos has the sole right to exploit the video recordings. DIVE VIDEOS in not member of any collecting society, there are no additional fees or licensing costs. All use and exploitation rights are perceived by the author.

What is the maximum frequency for each medium?

The number of visitors may not exceed the specified frequency on any location of the medium.

The Potsdamer Place in Berlin is visited by 90,000 visitors daily. (Statistics of the city) If videos are shown on a public screen at this place, license Profit 2 would be sufficient.

If a further screen is installed at Times Square in New York, License Profit 3 would be required, because this medium exceeds the maximum frequency of the License Profit 2.

Are there no reliable statistics, the values must be estimated realistically.

What is the difference between 1080i and 720p?

The difference of the two HD standards is the resolution and the number of pixels. Full-HD 1080i with 1920x1080px is the highest resolution for videos. Learn more about the different qualities and HD standards!

May I have original excerpts of the videos for trial?

The file size in High-Definition or DVD-resolution is quite large. 15 seconds as *wmv-file (720p) are equivalent to 20 MB and 55 MB as *mpg-file (Full-HD 1080i) for only 15 seconds. 

In this reason we only offer original short excerpts on special request. Examples of videos in High Definition and DVD quality can be downloaded under "Video-Quality".

Will I get an invoice?

Of course, an invoice will be issued in your name. The invoice will be sent by mail and the original invoice with the approval certification will be delivered by post together with the Dive Videos.

All prices are final prices excluding mailing expenses. Due to our business status acc. § 19 UStG we don’t charge VAT tax, VAT tax is not shown in our invoice.

How do I pay?

Payment shall be made in advance, payable within 8 days via bank transfer onto our account or via Paypal, unless agreed in a different way.

If you use Paypal, delivery will be done immediately.

If you use bank transfer, you will receive a copy of your order and also an email with the invoice, attached as PDF-document. This invoice includes all information about your order and also all details for bank transfer to our account.

After accounting the invoice-amount you will receive a confirmation and the videos including the original invoice will be delivered immediately.

Are there any videos with rights managed license?

Generally we don’t offer videos with rights managed license. However, if you need some Dive Videos for a special event, we can offer a quote for your request. However, time limited videos with rights managed license are inessential cheaper, therefore offers will be only made on special request.

How can I embed free Dive Videos into my website?

To embed the Dive Videos into your website, copy the provided code and paste it into the source code of your site. Read more about our free Dive Videos!

You may use all shown Dive Videos for your website, if you accept the terms, which are stated in our general terms.


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