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We cut royalty free Dive Videos to your specification

Our offer to you

  • Custom made videos

  • High-Definition up to 1080i Full-HD

  • Integration of all motifs and scenes

  • Crossfade of individual scenes

  • Fast processing

  • Online-check before finalization

  • Fast shipping as registered mail

  • Buyer protection by Paypal

We would be pleased to cut royalty-free Dive Videos complying with your request.

Please describe your desired scenes as well as the length of the required Dive Videos.

By detailed description a fast process according to your request is possible.
We try to reply as soon as possible. You will shortly receive our offer to your request.

Here a selection of already mixed
Unterwater videos for your medical practice TV

To achieve optimum results we edit all videos with Adobe Premiere CS5.


The price per minute is shown in the rate table of licenses. Due to the significant additional work we invoice 5 Euro extra charge per minute of the video lenght to the basic price. This additional charge has to be paid in advance.

This editing service is only available for Dive Videos with duration of more than 10 minutes.

Example for pricing: 10 minutes with scenes and motifs of your choice (License Non-Profit 1)

10 minutes = 10 min. x 9.95 € 99.50 €  
Editing service charge (10 min. x 5 Euro) 50.00 €  
total price 149.50 €  
deposit 50.00 €  

Relaxing background music

By using our editing service we offer free integration of the music from SamundaVisions and ZeroProject. Select the music, we integrate the music of your choice into your dive-video.

For licensing reasons we have to display briefly the origin of the music at the end of the video. It´s not allowed to remove this short reference.

Service: Online-Check before delivery

Of course you can check your Dive Video online before delivery. Modifications can be considered without problems in this stage. Only with your agreement we will complete your desired Dive Videos. 

Please feel free to contact us and you will get a non-binding offer within a short time!


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